Linking the Luas lines

When Dublin embraced the Luas over a decade ago there was one bewildering aspect of the system that left many of us wondering: why didn't the two lines join?


France; Freedom of Speech/Expression; Humour and Irony; The Blasphemy Law

France, and the Value of its Ideas and Culture France is a country I've adored since I was a very young teenager and first began learning its language. I was introduced to Camus, consumed voraciously films such as Amelie and La Haine, and enviously viewed the architecture and countryside of the country. Its cultural gems that managed… Continue reading France; Freedom of Speech/Expression; Humour and Irony; The Blasphemy Law

Connolly Books

Sitting quietly on East Essex Street in Dublin's cultural center Temple Bar is a bookshop that you may have walked by at some point in your time. You may be forgiven for thinking it was your run-of-the-mill bookshop but it may be unique. It's named Connolly Books, after the infamous Easter Rising leader James Connolly,… Continue reading Connolly Books