Connolly Books

Sitting quietly on East Essex Street in Dublin's cultural center Temple Bar is a bookshop that you may have walked by at some point in your time. You may be forgiven for thinking it was your run-of-the-mill bookshop but it may be unique. It's named Connolly Books, after the infamous Easter Rising leader James Connolly,… Continue reading Connolly Books


Distinction of, and Arguements Against, Theism and Deism

 You may not understand the distinction between a theist and a deist so before the argument against each position is offered I will briefly outline the main beliefs of both theism and deism.We can begin with the more historically prevalent and popular of the viewpoints; the theist. The theist believes in one god, creator and… Continue reading Distinction of, and Arguements Against, Theism and Deism

Egypt at a Crossroads, and Hamdeen Sabahi (Piece from last year)

 Egypt will go to the polls this weekend to vote in the final rounds of the presidential elections. The recent elections in Egypt have been somewhat marred by political chaos. The result of the planned elections, which were triggered by the removal of the corrupt Mubarak regime, will prove to be pivotal in the future of the Arab… Continue reading Egypt at a Crossroads, and Hamdeen Sabahi (Piece from last year)

A Fresh Alternative to Traditional Ceremonies

Last month, a bill was passed through all stages in the Dail here in Ireland that will allow ‘celebrants’ to carry out humanist wedding and funeral ceremonies in Ireland.  The Humanist Association of Ireland has been campaigning for this bill to be passed for over a decade and they hope that it will be signed… Continue reading A Fresh Alternative to Traditional Ceremonies

3 Day Oireachtas Committee on Abortion Begins Today

The Oireachtas committee is today gearing up for 3 days of meetings, featuring expert legal and medical groups, to discuss the issue of abortion in Ireland. Pro-choice and pro-life organisations will also have an opportunity to lobby their cause. The issue has been propelled back onto centre-stage following the death of Savita Halapannavar in November.… Continue reading 3 Day Oireachtas Committee on Abortion Begins Today

Yann Martel and Religion

Yann Martel and Religion            “Secularism is incredibly powerful at delivering things in the here and now. Good governance, science, human rights, these are all results of the application of reason and their secular triumphs. But secularism has nothing to say in the face of death and suffering”. (In an interview, April 2010) A reply. Firstly, secularism… Continue reading Yann Martel and Religion

In Defense of the Nobel Prize Award for the EU

Recently reading Tony Judt’s brilliant, comprehensive book Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945, I was struck by how difficult it was to re-build the Europe we see today. And struck also by how pivotal it was, not just for the security, prosperity and well-being of Europe, but indeed for the whole world. The first half of the… Continue reading In Defense of the Nobel Prize Award for the EU

The Value of Free Speech; A Threat to Democracy; What not to do when you’re offended; Karl Marx; You.

In a democracy it is the right of the individual to be heard. Whatever the individual wants to express he/she is free to do so. It comes also with the responsibility of the rest to listen. However controversial, however idiotic, however facetious, the right to free speech is protected on the grounds that every single… Continue reading The Value of Free Speech; A Threat to Democracy; What not to do when you’re offended; Karl Marx; You.

The Oppression and Empowerment of Women   The late Christopher Hitchens proposed an idea that, he believed, would most certainly combat the problem of poverty. It is loosely called the empowerment of women. The idea is rudimentary, as Hitchens points out, but it works: "If you give women some control over the rate at which… Continue reading