The Bigots’ Revenge: Remembering Wilde’s Penury

Earlier this year, the UK passed the Policing and Crime Act 2017. Within it is what has become known as the Alan Turning law, a piece of legislation which pardoned tens of thousands of gay men and women convicted under gross indecency laws. It was spearheaded by members of the great mathematician's family, a fitting… Continue reading The Bigots’ Revenge: Remembering Wilde’s Penury


Connolly Books

Sitting quietly on East Essex Street in Dublin's cultural center Temple Bar is a bookshop that you may have walked by at some point in your time. You may be forgiven for thinking it was your run-of-the-mill bookshop but it may be unique. It's named Connolly Books, after the infamous Easter Rising leader James Connolly,… Continue reading Connolly Books

A Fresh Alternative to Traditional Ceremonies

Last month, a bill was passed through all stages in the Dail here in Ireland that will allow ‘celebrants’ to carry out humanist wedding and funeral ceremonies in Ireland.  The Humanist Association of Ireland has been campaigning for this bill to be passed for over a decade and they hope that it will be signed… Continue reading A Fresh Alternative to Traditional Ceremonies